Why No Shade Media?

We have discovered some problems when it comes to creating high quality video for the drag community. First, it is expensive and it doesn't need to be. Second, after paying sometimes thousands of dollars for some relatively simple video work, many performers find out the hard way that they do not actually own the rights to use their video however they want to. And unfortunately, the law is on the side of those who produced the video and not on the side of whomever paid for the work.

We have a problem with that. So we decided to utilize the resources available to us and the skills of great volunteers to produce video materials for our community as a thank you for all the joy you have brought to us over the years. Of course, we offer regularly priced services to the world in general. But we offer deep discounts to those involved in the drag community.

And 100% of what we make goes back into our work like buying new equipment or new software to enable us to provide more services for the community.


No Shade Media grants you the exclusive rights to use your work as you see fit. Virtually all other media companies do not.


We offer video support for virtually any platform - YouTube to your phone! 720, 1080, 1440, 4K and just about anything else. 


We support audio of virtually any type. We can clean up audio, manipulate it, mix it - just about whatever you can dream up.

High Quality

We offer advanced features including special effects, green screen, color correction and a host of other services all within your base price.